DUMUZAS® exists to guarantee you a lifetime of pride. DUMUZAS® is a coated steel product with proven superior performance as a building material in different environments. It is made of steel as its... read more
DumuRangi is a revolutionary brand of products from Mabati Rolling Mills that offers the benefits of durability and beauty at an affordable price. The Aluminium-Zinc coated steel is pre-painted at our modern state... read more
Resincot is a unique brand that offers a coating of a 55% Aluminum-Zinc protective alloy on a carbon steel base which is pre-painted in controlled factory conditions. It promises durability and is available... read more
Covermax Sheets are especially targeted at domestic and light industrial/ commercial applications where the goal is economy and aesthetics. CX780 & Maxcover are similar angular trapezoidal profiles with box crests and valleys for... read more
MaxCover 1015 is a new roofing box profile in Kenya from MRM stable of high-quality brands. It offers consumers the benefit of beginning one of the widest sheets made over a meter. Available... read more
MINICORR® Corrugated is a sinusoidal profile used primarily for wall cladding and is suitable for exterior and interior applications. This corrugated profile lends itself as an aesthetic feature and is practical and decorative... read more
Versatile is a premium steel tile roofing sheet with the look of a classic roof tile but with a much longer life span. It is Kenya’s longest running painted steel tile and has... read more
Orientile, as a name and as a brand, expresses the essence of Mandarin styling which is the embodiment of Chinese culture that is at once both exotic and familiar. Orientile, a premium range... read more
Elegant, classic, British/Roman style of living. This is reflected in the brand name Elegantile, a summation of upper-end good life. Elegantile, a premium range roofing profile from Mabati Rolling Mills that gives the... read more
Lifestile Shingle Crown your home with timeless elegance. The Shingle stone coated steel tile evokes an old world Italian style to give your house a classic finish that never goes out of style.... read more
Saflok 700
Saflok 700 is an angular interlocking triple pan with, 4-rib profile. In contrast to profiles that are pierced through when fixing, the concealed fix Saflok 700 is secured to the roof structure using... read more
Trimflute is a subtle square fluted profile. The long flute gives the profile its strength with long spanning capabilities. Trimflute can be used as roofing as well as a cladding profile. Trimflute offers... read more
The new TEKDEK-IT5 is an angular trapezoidal-ribbed profile of five troughs and six ribs. The profile depth of 34mm gives it remarkable strength to suit its use in roofing and walling primarily in... read more
Multi-Story Steel Building System SAFDECK is MRM’s brand of trapezoidal profiled, coated steel structural decking sheets that are used as a structural base layer for multi-story steel Buildings. SAFDECK is fitted onto secondary... read more
UltraSpan is a light gauge steel truss system designed by MiTek. Over a lifespan of 25 years, a timber truss may cost up to 10 times more (includes termite treatment, maintenance cost, over... read more
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