UltraSpan - Light Gauge Steel Truss System

UltraSpan is a light gauge steel truss system designed by MiTek. Over a lifespan of 25 years, a timber truss may cost up to 10 times more (includes termite treatment, maintenance cost, over an above premature failure risk).

UltraSpan trusses are:

  1. Affordable (cheaper than timber truss)
    Zero maintenance cost
    Zero wastage
    Zero chance of failure due to factory made engineered product
  2. Fast to construct - 2 days or less for approximately 50sqm building
  3. Never catches fire and 100% termite proof
  4. Lower weight reduces transportation costs, improves handling and erection
  5. Overall saves precious wood

The clearest advantage was the unique member profile shape that MiTek has developed. Purposely designed with less steel per metre than any other system, the Ultra-Span truss shape is fabricated with only three components (chords,webs and single size connector). This simple engineering system allows the fabricator to utilize the MiTek 20/20 software suite to lay out, engineer, cut and estimate every type of truss from simple common truss shapes to complicated long clear span trusses.

Steel Truss
Steel Truss

Steel Truss